Sweetbitter: A Feast For The Senses

Finding one’s footing in a city as large as New York is daunting to most newcomers, and for good reason. Full of so many sights, sounds, and smells, a sensory overload is almost guaranteed—some relish in it, while others are repelled by it. For Sweetbitter‘s protagonist Tess, the city is a place of opportunity and excitement, and when she lands a job as a backwaitress at a well-known downtown haunt she jumps headfirst into the unknown. We spoke to writer/executive producer Stephanie Danler, and actress Ella Purnell (aka Tess) about this coming of age tale and the magic of the culinary world showcased in Sweetbitter. Watch our interview below, and catch new episodes of Sweetbitter, Sundays at  8/7c on STARZ.

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