These Mini Retro Arcade Cabinets Can Be All Yours for Only $299

Arcade1UP is giving gamers another chance to relive their childhood, as the company is hoping to fill the void left by hard-to-obtain classic arcade machines with its new, smaller arcade cabinets.

Measuring under four feet tall, each arcade machine is pre-loaded with different arcade classics in full-color and high resolution. Games like Rampage, Centipede, Asteroids, Super Street Fighter, and more are featured on the 3/4-scale replicas with real arcade controls such as rollerballs and joysticks, and a 17-inch display.

With five cabinets slated to release on September 25, three to four classic games will be installed in each. Atari‘s Centipede, Millipede, Missile Command, and Crystal Castles is one set, while a cabinet from Midway games features Rampage, Defender, Joust, and Gauntlet. The full list of titles can be found here.

Additionally, accessories for the cabinets are offered, which include a stool and rise, allowing gamers to grind out the games without worrying about fatigue.

Wanted to give you all a look at what the riser does. Our machines are 3/4 scale. An original classic arcade machine is 5’8″ tall, 34″ deep, 25″ wide and weighs 300 pounds — too large for the average home. Ours are 3’10” tall (without the riser); 5’4″ tall (with the riser), 23″ deep, 19″ wide and weigh only 63 pounds — much better suited for a modern home arcade. The controls still fall at the exact same height they did on the classic arcade machines. Arcade1Up machines are portable, flexible (play seated or standing), and affordable! Best of all — no quarters are required. Risers will be available September 25. For more answers about specs please see the FAQ section on our website at ???????????????? . . . #retrogaming #retrogames #retro #retrogamer #classicgames #arcade #arcade1up #arcadegames #gamer #videogames #asteroids #preorder #girlgamer #cool #christmaswishlist

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Pre-orders are currently available from Walmart listed at just $299 USD, along with GameStop for $399 USD, with wider availability scheduled for September.

Learn more about the mini arcade cabinets in the video below.

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